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Andorin Kids. andorinhas e andorinhões para os mais novos


andorin Kids is a space designed especially for the youngest where you can find information about the swallows and swifts that exist in Portugal, presented in simple language and with an organization that everyone can understand! We start by introducing you to the birds we try to protect!

andorin provides a set of support activities for students, teachers and parents, aimed at an experiential and outdoor learning, with swallows and swifts as the central theme.

All activities are adapted to the different levels of education and framed within the curriculum guidelines and the National Strategy for Environmental Education (ENEA 2020). This set of activities aims to promote knowledge, skills and sustainable values, which will enable children and young people to be environmentally aware and active. 



They also seek to promote contemporary pedagogical approaches that give tutors the skills and confidence to experiment with new methods of engaging students and thinking critically about how to use the natural urban environment to enhance the learning experience.



Help Cadju find his way during the migration! 



You also learn by playing and that's why we've prepared a set of challenges where you can put your drawing and coloring skills into practice while learning about swallows and swifts. By drawing and coloring you will learn about the colors and shapes of birds, about the places where they live and about their extraordinary habits and characteristics. 


If you think you're not good at drawing, this is an excellent opportunity to practice taking advantage of the tips we left on how to draw a swallow!! If drawing is your thing then you can shine with the challenges we propose!

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