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Investigação dandorinha das barreiras riparia riparia. anilhagem científica. sand martin


The andorin also supports the monitoring of a Sand Martin colony located on Praia de Mira, Coimbra and which has been monitored since 2014. Within the scope of this monitoring 661 birds have already been individually tagged with metal rings. The aim is to track population fluctuations, as well as changes in survival and recruitment rates.

During the monitoring of this colony, the presence of a tick (Ixodes lividus) was detected on the swallows, whose distribution was unknown for the Iberian Peninsula. The distribution of this small tick, a specialist in parasitizing Sand Martins, is restricted to the Palaearctic, but until the publication of this study there were no known records in the entire Mediterranean area, which extended the known distribution of this species to the west and south.

ixodes lividus parasita de riparia riparia
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