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If migratory birds are bad...swallows are worse!

According to a study on the reproduction of 104 bird species from around the world, the average increase in global temperatures, the result of climate change, has compromised the reproduction of migratory species!

Among the species affected, the House Martin Swallow (Delichon urbicum), is among the five species with a greater decrease in the average number of young per female.

Long-distance migrants are particularly vulnerable to these environmental changes, since they depend on a widely distributed and sustainable network of breeding, migration and wintering sites.

At breeding sites, in addition to the mismatch between the nesting period and the peak of maximum food availability, these birds are also subject to the loss of their nesting sites, which are destroyed by the nuisance they may cause or in the course of building renovations and demolitions.

To play an active role in the conservation of terns, as well as other swallows and terns that nest in Portugal, we ask everyone to register the nests and nesting colonies you find!


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