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Registration of nests and colonies

Help us record swallow and swift nests! With the start of a new nesting season, the swallows are already in a hustle and bustle and soon it will be the swifts' turn.

Knowing and protecting the places where these birds nest is crucial for their conservation! So, for the second year running, the andorin is asking for everyone's co-operation in this national nest registration campaign.

This year the andorin has the collaboration of the Environment Division of the municipality of Caldas da Rainha, who are promoting the nest registration campaign through the "Here there is a Swallow" initiative.

If you too have a swallow's nest at home, know of a swallow colony or live near a castle or wall where you can see flocks of swifts, send us those records!

You can find the link to the form on the homepage of the andorin website!


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